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Welcome to MY MYTH experience,

where we create exquisite handmade silver jewelry and other artifacts

inspired by Greek Mythology and the symbols of the Olympian Gods. Proudly crafted in Greece.

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Greek Mythology Jewelry

About My Myth

About us

Our mission is to share the beauty and importance of Greek Mythology with the world. We aim not only to offer you products, but to create meaningful connections with the ancient past.

ancient Greek jewelry collection

The idea

The touch of the Gods : Wearing a symbol of the My Myth collection, you can now discover your powers and reveal the best version of yourself through handmade silver jewelry!

The power of symbols

A symbol is a sign or a representation of the meaning it contains. The symbol “speaks” to each of us differently, depending on our level of consciousness and ability to perceive.

The myths

  •   Alirrothios, son of Poseidon and the nymph Eurytes, attempted to rape the daughter of Ares and Agraulus, Alcippi, but the god of war caught him in the act and killed him. He then dishonored the dead man, by handing his

  • Midas, king of Phrygia, decided one day to become a follower of Panas, the god of pastures, a fact that offended Apollo, the god of music, because the two of them were already in a dispute over who was the

  •   He was a patron of trade, travelers, and robbers. He is considered the inventor of the alphabet, astronomy, the musical scale, the arts, gymnastics, meters, and stations. Cunning and thieving as a baby, he was anointed messenger of the gods by

  •   When Gaia found out that Zeus had imprisoned her children, the Titans, in the underworld, she got furious and gave birth to two huge monsters, Typhoeus and Echidna. Echidna was a half-woman, half-snake creature, full of thorns, also known as the

  •   Metis, mother of Athena Metis was the daughter of the titan Oceanus and the titan Tethys. She became the first wife of Zeus and together they had Athena. Her origin contains the water element, which is relentless, and her love

  •   Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and the goddess Demeter, who was the goddess of fruitfulness and fertility. Her beauty was so great that Pluto, god of Hades, fell in love with her and decided to steal her. So one day, while

  •   The values of Christian Easter, i.e. Death and Resurrection, were also honored in ancient Greece, but in relation to the changes that occur in Nature. Every spring, to honor the god, on the first full moon after the vernal equinox, mainland Greece celebrated

  • After beating his father Cronus, Zeus realized that he could not rule the whole world by himself and asked for the help of his brothers Poseidon and Pluto.

  • In the beginning there was only Chaos, until the Earth was born with the mountains and the sea and then the Sky (Uranus) along with the sun, the moon and the stars.

  • Queen Hera was the wife of Zeus and the peacock is one of her sacred animals, because his iridescent wings have an eye on them, a symbol of her vigilance.

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