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The idea

  /  The idea

“Be inspired by the Greek Gods and receive their powers through their symbols.”

The idea

My Myth”  collection is inspired by symbols of the Olympian gods. According to ancient Greek history, these symbols reflected personal features of their character and mythical powers.

The choice of symbols was made after extensive research of various historical sources. For their graphic representation, symbols of the female deities were designed with an emphasis on curves due to their feminine and emotional nature, whereas the designs of male gods’ symbols are characterized by sharp lines due to their dynamic character; the creation of the logo “My Myth” and the shape of the jewelry were based on the Cycladic Figurine.

Although the Olympian gods had human features, they were also presented with virtues that a person can relate to.According to the designer, “Greek gods are not deified people, but universal energies, living ideas that we encounter in every aspect of our daily life, as long as we have the necessary spiritual purity to apprehend them. “My Myth” collection includes a deity that you can relate to, which can help you release your strengths and talents so that you live the life of your dreams!”

The power of symbols

A symbol is a sign or representation of the meaning it contains. The word comes from the greek verb “συμβάλλω” which means “bring together”. Thus the symbol is the carrier, the mediator, of an element of another dimension.

Its mission is to turn an object into something different from what it initially seems to be. To transform it with its values ​​and characteristics, to give it energy. So the symbol is a transmitter of a message, it conveys knowledge, experience and emotion. The symbol “speaks” to each of us differently, depending on our level of consciousness and our ability to perceive. Wear the symbols of the gods, accept their power and bring out the best version of yourself.

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