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Artemis – the Goddess of hunting, chastity, the moon and the wild life – was daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister of Apollo. She was the huntswoman of the Olympians, and protector of the young girls. Artemis was tall, with a gentle beauty, an arrogant physique and proud walking. She was known for the integrity of her character and her modesty. She was also the symbol of eternal youth and the unruly teenage spirit. One of her characteristics was her cruelty towards the violators of rules. She is usually depicted as a girl or a young maiden, with a hunting bow and silver arrows.

Roman name: Diana

THUNDERBOLT symbolizes life-giving power, dominance and spiritual enlightenment.
The thunderbolt was made by Hephaestus and given to Zeus as a gift from the Cyclops, when he released them during the Titan War.
Every time you wear the thunderbolt, you will strengthen your willpower. You are going to use your weapons, that is, your virtues, effectively, like Zeus used the thunderbolt. You will lead by gaining respect, maintain your self-control and presence of mind and have the determination to impose yourself on the unpredictable situations of life. You will chart your own course and be the only creator of your world.

We present the fragrance “Blossoming Blessing”, an exquisite composition that showcases the authentic beauty and charm of the goddess Demeter. This unique scent begins with the freshness of lavender, myrtle, and heliotrope, revealing the natural and gentle energy embodied by the earth and Demeter. Next, notes of cypress, jasmine, and gardenia create a sensual and sweet aroma, representing the sense of prosperity and bloom associated with Demeter as the goddess of agriculture and nature. The fragrance is rounded off with the warm notes of vanilla, amber, and sandalwood, creating a sensual and elegant combination that exudes strength and euphoria.

With each spray of “Blossoming Blessing,” you rejuvenate in the inexhaustible beauty and charm of Demeter, creating a sense of harmony and blessing that lasts.

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