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The beautiful

Aphrodite was the Goddess of beauty, love and desire. Daughter of Zeus and Dione, she emerged from the sea foam, on a giant shell. She was in a forced marriage with Hephaestus, but she had many love affairs. She was nominated as the prettiest of all women after being given the golden apple of dispute by Paris of Troy, evoking envy to her competitors Athena and Hera. Eros (Cupid), the God of love, was her offspring with God Ares. Aphrodite embodies the ideal harmony of the female beauty and the joy of love. In addition to her natural gifts, she had also a magic belt, which could compel anyone she wished to desire her. She is depicted, as a beautiful young woman.

Roman name: Venus

The APPLE is a symbol of love, sexual attraction and fertility.
The golden apple of the insidious Dispute was the one that Paris of Troy gave to Aphrodite, when he was asked to choose the most beautiful between her and two other goddesses. When you wear the Aphrodite’s apple, you will feel beautiful and exude sensuality. You will be in a good mood and feel free from negative thoughts and fears. You will be cute, more attractive and lustful. You are going to take pleasure in the simple joys of life and live every moment intensely. You will love and be loved. Your life will focus on romance, beauty and joy.

Introducing “Aphrodite’s Enchantment”, a refined composition that accentuates the sensual allure and divine beauty of the goddess Aphrodite. This unique fragrance begins with the freshness of quince, which exudes a sense of vitality and energy.

Next, the soft note of freesia adds a subtle charm, while the sophisticated scent of jasmine enhances femininity and sensual appeal. The fragrance is completed with the warm embrace of vanilla and amberwood, offering a sense of mysterious allure and attractiveness.

With each spritz of “Aphrodite’s Enchantment,” you reveal your inner divine beauty and sensuality, inspiring love and enchantment around you. Surrender to the mysterious charm of the fragrance and discover the ultimate bliss and harmony that Aphrodite brings through this unique composition.

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