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Hermes, son of Zeus and Maya, was the cleverest and the fastest of the Olympian Gods. He wore winged sandals, a winged hat and carried a magic wand, the caduceus, which was a symbol of him. He was also Gods’ messenger and protector of the intellect, letters and sciences. As a giver of luck, Hermes was God of trade, protector of merchants and travelers. Being cunning, he was the patron of thieves and gamblers, and he was also the one who transported the souls of the dead to the underworld of Hades. Hermes is usually depicted as a handsome and athletic, and a beardless, young man.

Roman name: Mercury

The WINGED SANDAL symbolizes agility, adaptability and diplomacy.
The winged sandals were given to Hermes by his father, Zeus, when he anointed him messenger of the gods.
When you wear the winged sandal of the God Hermes, you will communicate significantly better with others. You will be able to approach and understand them and also “walk in their shoes”. You will speak wisely and make the best first impression. You are going to be inventive and act with liveliness and dynamism. You will despise conventionality and rules and keep up the spirit of adventure, treating life as a game.

Introducing “Aura of the Breeze” from the collection “Twelve Gods of Olympus”, a fragrance that exudes the pleasant and invigorating aura of the god Hermes. This unique fragrance begins with the freshness of bergamot, mandarin, and lemon, highlighting the dynamic energy and well-being associated with the god of communication and pleasant exchange of ideas.

Next, the notes of sea water, salt, and orange blossom offer a refreshing wave of freshness and freedom, enhancing the desire for new experiences and challenges.

The fragrance is completed with the woody notes of cedarwood, musk, and coconut milk, providing a pleasant and invigorating sensation, encouraging the wearer to seek freedom and enjoyment.

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