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Hephaestus: The creative. Clever and hardworking, he used his hammer, the power of fire and his productivity in the construction of masterpieces.

HEPHAESTUS was the God of fire, forge and volcanoes. He was also the craftsman of gods, inventor, protector of artisans, and the constructor of all palaces, thrones and weapons of the gods on mount Olympus. He was the son of Zeus and Hera, but he experienced their abandonment, expulsion and contempt since he was born. Although he was the only ugly and lame god, he was married to the prettiest goddess of all, Aphrodite, who wasn’t faithful to him. He is depicted as a beardy man, sometimes riding a donkey and holding a hammer.

Roman name: Vulcan

The HAMMER is a symbol of hard work, strength and creation.

With his hammer, the god Hephaestus used the power of fire as a tool and promoted the progress of humanity. When you wear the hammer, you will become more productive. It will offer you a more creative mind, fatigue resistance and character strength. You will understand the importance of your uniqueness. You will not allow anyone to weaken you with their hostility or indifference. You will tame the fire that burns inside you, control your mind, overcome any difficulty and appreciate the value of hard work. You shall feel the flame of inspiration and enjoy the momentum of creation.

Introducing Hephaestus, a fresh and harmonious composition that embodies the creativity and productivity of the god Hephaestus. At the top, it features the refreshing scent of citrus, enhancing the aura of the god of fire and craftsmanship. The heart of the fragrance reveals woody notes that convey his energy and inner strength, while the base is enriched with a warm and pleasant touch of vanilla and amber. This aromatic blend portrays Hephaestus as a deity who inspires creativity and showcases his artistry with uniqueness and style.

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