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Demeter was the Goddess of agriculture and fertility. Her name meant Mother Earth and she was exactly that. Daughter of Cronus and Rhea, Demeter dedicated her whole life to people, teaching them how to harvest and how to feed their animals. The alternation of the seasons was caused by Demeter’s mood, due to the abduction of her favourite daughter Persephone by Hades. When Persephone was in the underworld there was winter and cold, while spring and summer returned when she was allowed to come up to earth and be with her mother. Demeter is often depicted as a mature woman wearing a crown and holding wheat in her arms.

Roman name: Ceres

WHEAT is the symbol of growth, fertility and rebirth.
When it is ripe, wheat gives life once again either as a seed or as food.
Once you wear the wheat of Goddess Demeter, you will have an abundance of things and goods, and, as the wheat grows, so will all the good things in your life. This symbol will bring you the attributes and the energy you need to attract wealth, both material and spiritual. You will feel the joy of giving, through which you will get in return, in abundance, everything that you have already offered. You will easily and quickly reap the fruits of your labours. You will feel generosity, prosperity and fullness.

Introducing “Earth’s Embrace”, a fragrance that captures the essence and therapeutic nature of the goddess Demeter. This unique blend begins with the freshness of wheat, a symbol of growth and fertility closely tied to the refined essence of the earth.

The fragrance continues with the soft notes of vanilla, accentuating Demeter’s warm embrace and her love for humanity. Finally, the scent of lily-of-the-valley adds a refreshing touch, highlighting the natural beauty and aroma of the earth’s bounty.

With each spray of “Earth’s Embrace,” you immerse yourself in the power and charm of nature, feeling the connection to the core of the Earth and revitalized by its renewing energy.

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