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THE LEADER- for power

Zeus was the king of the Olympians; lord of lightning, punisher and protector, he was the God of sky, weather, destiny, law, order and hospitality. He became the undisputed ruler of the universe after defeating his father Cronus and sending away all the Titans, who used to rule the cosmos before the Olympians came to power. He was the father of many mortal and immortal children and he often made his wife Hera jealous because of his numerous love affairs. Zeus represents the inner power and the self–respect. He is usually depicted with a long beard, holding a lightning bolt, a sceptre and an eagle.

Roman name: Jupiter

THUNDERBOLT symbolizes life-giving power, dominance and spiritual enlightenment.
The thunderbolt was made by Hephaestus and given to Zeus as a gift from the Cyclops, when he released them during the Titan War.
Every time you wear the thunderbolt, you will strengthen your willpower. You are going to use your weapons, that is, your virtues, effectively, like Zeus used the thunderbolt. You will lead by gaining respect, maintain your self-control and presence of mind and have the determination to impose yourself on the unpredictable situations of life. You will chart your own course and be the only creator of your world.

The “Thunderbolt” fragrance combines the explosive power of Zeus with the captivating aromatic notes of amber, vetiver, sandalwood, and lavender. At the same time, it adds a touch of warmth and spiritual empowerment with cinnamon and cardamom. Every time you wear this fragrance, you will feel the strength of Zeus empowering you, encouraging you to harness your virtues with determination and wisdom, just as the god himself did with the thunderbolt. Your presence will be impressive and respected, while your self-control and response to every situation will be unwavering. With the “Thunderbolt” fragrance, you will lead your life with determination and confidence, forging your own path and asserting your presence in the unpredictable world of life.

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