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Poseidon was brother of Zeus and Hades, and the god of sea, earthquakes, floods and horses. He commanded the waters; he calmed them down with his trident to allow a peaceful passage to sailors, and waved them to hinder those he did not like, such as Ulysses. He lived in the oceans between the Nereids and the Tritons, and used to come out by driving a golden chariot pulled by winged horses. His wife was Amphitrite, but he had also many lovers such as Demeter and Medusa, and numerous children too. He is depicted as an imposing mature man with a beard, holding a trident.

Roman name: Neptune

The TRIDENT that sometimes disturbs and sometimes calms the water, symbolizes the emotional state of people.
The trident was made by the Telchines, amphibians specialized in metallurgy, and according to the legend, they gave it to Poseidon, whom they had raised. It symbolized the four elements of nature. Each time you wear the trident, you will feel able to control your emotions, recognize and curb them, in order to determine your actions and choices. With the balancing power of the trident, the fear of the unknown will be transformed into motivation for a more meaningful life, for a life in which you will effectively face challenges and pursue your dreams.

Introducing “Poseidon,” inspired by the mythical power of the god of the sea. With each spray, immerse yourself in a journey reminiscent of Poseidon’s trident, the ancient symbol of emotional control amidst tumultuous waters. This fragrance combines the brightness of Lemon, the tropical allure of Pineapple, and the embrace of Neroli, while at its heart, Jasmine and Cyclamen shine through. An aroma that exudes calm and strength, making every moment unique and meaningful.

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