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Hestia was the Goddess of hearth and protector of domestic life. Daughter of Cronus and Rhea and sister of Zeus, she was the most beloved of all Gods, because of her loving and calm character. She was also kind and forgiving and she disliked arguing. Hestia taught humans how to build their houses, so they honored her by altering every house’s and public place’s hearth, into her altar. She was offered not only the first but also the last sacrifice in every celebratory gathering. Hestia refused to get married and remained an eternal virgin. She is depicted as a modestly veiled woman.

Roman name: Vesta

The HEARTH is the symbol of security, warmth and spirituality.
The hearth was a built construction inside the homes where a lime fire burned and it was known as the altar of the goddess Hestia.
Every time you wear the hearth, you will feel peace, mental balance and harmony. The hearth will enhance your spirituality. You will feel the flame that you have inside you, the warmth of your existence, the purity, the love and the fullness. You will feel self-sufficient and complete, as well as cohesion and unity. You will behave with kindness, humility and act non competitively. You will have integrity and stability. You will earn respect. You will find your true self.

We present the fragrance “Flame of Hearth,” an aromatic masterpiece that reflects the goddess Hestia and her sacred flame. This unique composition exudes the warmth, security, and power associated with the heart of the home.

The fragrance begins with the soft notes of aldehydes, bringing the freshness of nature into the space. This is followed by the sensation of smoke and amber, highlighting the authenticity and warmth of a flame burning with serene energy. The fragrance is completed with the sweet sensation of musk, imparting a sense of safety and balance.

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