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Apollo: The talented. Brilliant and handsome, with the melody of his lyre he lighted up new ideas and gave inspiration.

APOLLO was the God of sun, light, music, poetry, dance and all the fine arts He was the son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother of Artemis, born in the island of Delos. He was a healer God and protector of the young boys. He was also the god of divination and he had founded the famous oracle of Delphi. Apollo was the first God who was seduced by people of the same gender. He is depicted as a handsome, beardless young man with long blonde hair.

Latin name: Apollo

The LYRE is a stringed musical instrument and could be considered as the national musicalin strument of the ancient Greeks.

The first lyre was made by the god Hermes, from a turtle shell and strings from animal entrails, and was given to Apollo as a gift, so that he could forgive him for stealing his oxen. Every time you wear the lyre of Apollo, you will have new, original and unique ideas, full of light and inspiration. You will feel young, radiant, energetic and vibrant and you will strengthen your creative mind and self-consciousness. You are going to improve your health, both physical and mental. You will aim to perfect your skills, both physical and spiritual. You will have order and harmony in your life and enchant others with your glowing personality.

The fragrance Apollo embodies the essence of power and light associated with the god Apollo. This unique scent opens with the fruity freshness of bergamot and lemon, complemented by the aromatic aura of lavender, offering a sense of optimism and clarity. Sweet notes of jasmine, cinnamon, and honey imbue a warm and sweet aroma, symbolizing the creativity and renewal attributed to Apollo, the god of art. The fragrance concludes with the comforting presence of tobacco leaf, tonka bean, and vanilla, creating a sensual and uplifting blend. With each application of Apollo, you embrace the harmony and positive energy of the sun and art, revitalizing the spirit and imparting a lasting sense of well-being and joy.

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