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After beating his father Cronus, Zeus realized that he could not rule the whole world by himself and asked for the help of his brothers Poseidon and Pluto. They divided the world by lot and Zeus took the Earth and the Sky, Poseidon the Sea and the Waters and Pluto the Underworld.

The Titans, however, were displeased by this division and prepared an army to fight the three brothers. Then Zeus freed the Cyclops to fight at his side and, to express their gratitude, they gave Zeus the thunderbolts, Pluto got an armor that made him invisible and, together with the Telchines, they made the trident for Poseidon, which became his scepter. He could stir up the sea and cause omens, storms, earthquakes, floods or volcanic eruptions with it but he could also bring peace and tranquility to the surface of the waters.

And it was with the trident that he hit the ground of Athens, in the attempt to claim the city from the goddess Athena, and sea water welled up. And it is rumored that the mark of the blow could be seen until the historical years or even that it is the hole that exists inside the Erechtheion.


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