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He was a patron of trade, travelers, and robbers. He is considered the inventor of the alphabet, astronomy, the musical scale, the arts, gymnastics, meters, and stations.

Cunning and thieving as a baby, he was anointed messenger of the gods by Zeus himself and given a golden rod and golden-winged sandals, which carried him everywhere as fast as the wind. He had excellent relations with all the other gods and whenever he returned to Olympus after his missions, he entertained them with his impudence and cunning. With his sandals, he crossed the boundaries between the unspoken and the spoken, the infinite and the limited, the spirit and matter, the visible and the invisible, but also life and death, as a soul transmitter, with the caduceus, an additional symbol which became increasingly complex over time. He had also lent his winged sandals to Perseus, to help him behead the terrible gorgon Medusa.

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