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Demeter- Persephone’s myth

Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and the goddess Demeter, who was the goddess of fruitfulness and fertility. Her beauty was so great that Pluto, god of Hades, fell in love with her and decided to steal her. So one day, while Persephone was picking flowers with the Oceanic nymphs, she left to cut a narcissus, when suddenly the earth opened in two. Then Pluto appeared on his chariot and grabbed the girl in the Underworld, without anyone seeing what had happened. Demeter was looking in vain for her daughter and her sorrows and tears withered the land and the crops. People were hungry and the days passed without any sign of Persephone. One day the Sun, having seen everything, felt sorry for Demeter and told her what had happened. Then Zeus, motivated by the pleas of the hungry people, ordered the god of Hades to free his daughter. Unable to obey the orders of Zeus, Pluto trapped Persephone by giving her a pomegranate to eat before leaving her, knowing that if she ate food in the Underworld, she would not be able to leave. The daughter ate only six seeds and when Demeter found out, she became furious. To calm her down, Zeus suggested a compromise, for every seed Persephone had eaten, she would stay in Hades for a month. So, she would spend half the year next to her mother and the rest with Pluto. Since then, during the six months that Persephone was in Hades, Demeter mourned and with her all the nature mourned as well and during the six months that she ascended to Earth, everything blossomed.

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