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The new “My Myth” jewelry collection has arrived!

MY MYTH company was founded in 2022 by Maria Tobri, an enthusiast of Greek Mythology and the concept of the Callus which was promoted by Ancient Greek culture.

Her workmanship with jewelry began with the creation of a series of handmade silver pendants, which depict the symbols of the 12 Gods of Mount Olympus. The idea behind the original series was that one could acquire the powers of each God by wearing his symbol. It was followed by other jewelry collections, which consisted of pendants, bracelets, and earrings with the same concept, always designed with simple austere lines and made with love and emphasis on quality.

My Myth series is addressed to everyone who is fascinated with Greek Mythology, regardless of gender and age, and through its jewelry it aims to help spread the values and principles that were advocated by the Ancient Greeks. That is why all of its products come with printed informational material about the history of the symbol, the God or the object itself. Each product is placed in premium, handcrafted, custom packaging for safe transport and easy storage, making it an excellent choice for a gift with special meaning.

After the idea of drawing power through the Gods’ symbols had such a great appeal, MY MYTH moved on to the production of decorative objects. Soon it will proceed with clothing, which, along with jewelry, will highlight the personality of those who choose to wear them in the best possible way.

Make your choice from our large collection and feel like a God!

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