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Metis the mother of Athena

Metis, mother of Athena Metis was the daughter of the titan Oceanus and the titan Tethys. She became the first wife of Zeus and together they had Athena. Her origin contains the water element, which is relentless, and her love for Zeus, which is about the emotional, incense element. In this way the goddess of wisdom combined austerity and tenderness. Thanks to these characteristics, she helped people to be prudent, taking into account both emotion and logic. Metis also represented the cunning and vigilance that guide people when making a decision or pursuing a project. The cunning of Metis was revealed when she helped Zeus to take power from his father, Saturn. She produced a poison that made Saturn vomit and throw up the children he had swallowed, the brothers of Zeus. Thanks to Metis' poison, Zeus was able to find his brothers, fight against the Titans and take power. Their marriage was considered a valuable alliance as the two of them were a powerful couple, capable of ruling the whole world. However, an oracle who said Metis would first give birth to a daughter and then a son who would seize power and rule gods and men, upset Zeus. Just like his father, afraid that one of his offspring would later take over, he swallowed Mitida, who was already pregnant with Athena. Thus, Athena was born from the head of Zeus with the help of Hephaestus. Athena inherited the qualities of her mother and that is why she is considered the goddess of wisdom.

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