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Welcome to MY MYTH, a world of exceptional handmade sterling silver jewelry and unique souvenirs inspired by ancient Greek Mythology. Explore the captivating stories of ancient Greek gods, heroes, monsters, and civilizations. Draw inspiration from them and Discover Your Power.

Based in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, MY MYTH offers a rich collection of Greek products. Embrace the essence of the country’s cultural heritage, narrating tales of Ancient Greek Mythology. Embark on a journey with our collection of handcrafted silver jewelry, paying tribute to the legendary gods of Olympus. Discover your power. Each piece allows you to embody their essence, empowering you with the courage of Ares, the wisdom of Athena, and the beauty of Aphrodite, or inviting wealth and harmony through the symbols of Demeter and Hestia. Learn about ancient Greek civilizations, the Cycladic and Minoan cultures, and their symbols. From delicate pendants to intricate earrings and bracelets, each item is a testament to the depth of ancient Greek civilization.

But we’re not just about jewelry – explore our range of souvenirs capturing the magic of Greece. From figurines and magnets to exquisite scented candles and unique fragrances, all crafted in Greece, these items serve as carriers of knowledge and power for their owners.

Our mission is to share the beauty and significance of Greek Mythology with the world. We aim not only to offer products but to create meaningful connections with the ancient past. Each piece in our collection is a labor of love, a tribute to a culture that continues to inspire.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we invite you to explore our collections to find the perfect piece that speaks to your soul. Upgrade your style, embrace the myths, discover your power, and immerse yourself in the magic of Ancient Greece with MY MYTH.


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