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The power of symbols

  /  The power of symbols

” Wearing a My myth jewel, everyone can build their myth, be inspired by the Gods and gain their powers through their symbol.”

The power of symbols

A symbol is a sign or representation of the meaning it contains. The word comes from the greek verb “συμβάλλω” which means “bring together”. Thus the symbol is the carrier, the mediator, of an element of another dimension.
Its mission is to turn an object into something different from what it initially seems to be. To transform it with its values ​​and characteristics, to give it energy. So the symbol is a transmitter of a message, it conveys knowledge, experience and emotion. The symbol “speaks” to each of us differently, depending on our level of consciousness and our ability to perceive. Wear the symbols of the gods, accept their power and bring out the best version of yourself.

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